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I too have come back to this mix, one of my favourites, after a long 8tracks and musical hiatus. As someone who's been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately, I just want to say thank you not only for creating amazing mixes I can always come back to, but ones that help through difficult mental times by allowing the listener to let go for a bit. Your playlists are so good at lifting the soul. Thank you again.

Thank you very much for your comment; I'm happy to hear that you can come back to this and I feel like music is the best way to find release from all the stresses of the world; I know it helps me that way too.

Hey Idril!

I really wish there was a message system on 8tracks! Just wanted to tell you how much I love this mix! A year later, and it still draws me in :) You have such an exploratory and experimental, yet intricate and complex approach to music - I really admire that! Thank you for your lovely comments on my mixes, especially "bon courage" (it's a personal fave of mine). It means a lot coming from someone in the 8tracks community I highly respect. Looking forward to all your future mixes!

La musette

Dear La Musette, your comment made my day! :) I love your mixes too, they are particularly beautiful (I find it very impressive that you have comparatively few mixes and yet nearly half of them are platinum - a fitting testament to your ability to capture people's imaginations). Thank you for your words and stay inspired by the magic of the world xx

Currently sitting outside on my patio in Western New York (USA) frantically trying to complete some inspection reports - this music is keeping on track and forward looking. Thank you!!!

Thank you for this mix. I'm currently studying for finals and this is probably the only thing keeping me sane haha x