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stupid girl...


Hi my name is avery and i fell in love with a boy. he was a stupid boy except he wasnt. he was brilliant and kind and funny. the stupid boy was quiet and awkward but had the warmest eyes and most pure laugh. he didnt know how wonderful he was and the stupid girl liked to remind him every so often that he was appreciated. and when the stupid girl was feeling insecure, the stupid boy would always help as best as he could and the stupid girl would feel happy for a while. then, the stupid girl wouldnt tell the stupid boy how stupidly in love with him she was.. so he got a girlfriend. the stupid girl was very heartbroken and blamed herself for not being honest with the stupid boy. the stupid girl's heart always aches now about the beautiful soul she missed out on....

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i'm going to write my story too pal. my name is annie and i fell in love with a boy so unattainable. we talked like we have known each other for centuries when we met only two months ago. he laughed with someone else and the i assumed they were together. and so i never told him my thoughts. i just sat from afar and sat in my pain knowing we won't ever be something. but i still like to hope even though it's hopeless.