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Anime 8-bit and Music Box Medley


I've been online for a while and I just thought of an techno and soft soundtrack.

  • Don't Say Lazy by [8-bit] K-On!
  • Kaijura Yuki (Sword Art Online) FULL by 8BIT Mainstream Song
  • Sword Art Online Music Box Medley (Crossing Field, Yume Sekai, Innocence, Overfly) by ❀Hime❀
  • Attack On Titan 8 Bit REDUX by Zephyr Sound
  • Attack On Titan Opening by Music Box Version
  • Eternal Snow [Full Moon wo Sagashite KARAOKE] by Kyttyee
  • Clannad [8-bit Famitracker] by (Old!) To Wo Kizamu Uta
  • Clannad ED by Clannad Ed
  • The Place Where Wishes Come True (Music Box) by Clannad Afterstory
9 tracks