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Tamako Love Story


Tamako Love Story....
BEST THING EVER. Why can't most animes have that relation?

  • Koi No Uta (All Guitar Coverd By Noize Desu) by Tamako Market / Tamako Love Story OST
  • Tamako Love Story by Principle
  • Kami No Manimani by 「Rerulili Ft. Rib Kashitarou Itou」
  • 【Itou Kashitarou】 Setsuna Plus (刹那プラス) by Kyo | きょう
  • START by イトヲカシ
  • Milk And Coffee [GUMI] by Ironii l 皮肉
  • PON PON PON by Hatsune Miku
  • Say" I Love You" ED, Slow Dance by Suneohair
8 tracks