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6th Grade Anime AMVs


A mix for those of us who spent our free time in middle school watching AMVs on Youtube. Featuring hits by Cascada.
Never thought this playlist would get more than a few likes thanks to everyone who liked this! :)

As of 10/14/18 this playlist is 4 years old and I'm still getting notifications for it!
**EDIT 10/30/14: Added Linkin Park songs**
**EDIT 11/30/14: Added a song**
**EDIT 12/7/14: Added a song**
**EDIT 12/13/14: Added a song**
**EDIT 12/22/15: Added 4 songs**
**EDIT 9/13/16: Changed the mix artwork**

24 tracks
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i cannot freaking believe you found all those songs... the nostalgia is killing me :"))) "I'm in heaven" has been stuck in my head for literally like 6 years... i thank you from the bottom of my heart. sweet jesus.