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I think I’m ready. Its been over a year, and I’ve been holding on to what you felt -which is past tense. Every playlist and song I have attached memories and feelings to which are with me regardless of the playlists being here (its pretty amazing how powerful music is). At the time it was a way for you to share your feelings when you had them. I have used them when I couldn’t read or understand you and now there hasn’t been one in over a year, which has been another way for you to share your feelings with me. For over a year I’ve been holding on to these, on to what was, hoping every song is still as real for you as it is for me and that youre still at playlist8, but I think its just me stuck on repeat. You’ve helped me down the rabbit hole of playlists and music, thank you. I tell my self I can listen to these without attaching things to them because its just good music but the feelings of sadness wash over me because they aren’t real anymore. When I look and see the dates they were made I feel sad for myself as that must be where I’m trapped. Opening up 8tracks in general takes my thoughts to you and I have most songs downloaded so don’t worry, creepily you’re constantly in my thoughts lol. So I’m ready for you to make them disappear like you did 1 and 3. It doesn’t mean I still won’t hope for another playlist but I want to move forward with what’s real, in the present, and if that means with no playlists than that’s what that means.
These have meant so much to me, thank you Elliot;