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Cute Songs Vol. 2


So, since you guys seemed to like the first one, here's another "Cute songs that put you in a good mood" mix. Eight tracks including music by Darren Criss, Neutral Milk Hotel and Jason Mraz.

8 tracks
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I feel you man, I had to study greek and latin in highschool too. But yeah, it made the Russian thing a little bit easier :)

Yes it's a tough language :/ I lived in Ukraine (in my region, they spoke Russian) only for 6 years, so I'm not an expert either :) latin will come in handy for structure in Russian (I'm still in highschool, following greek latin maths :))

I'm so glad I could help with that, it would have been super annoying if you were never gonna find that song again! You're making me feel so useful right now :D Oh and btw I'm loving the fact that you're half-Russian (I'm studying Russian -with very little success, but still-). Following you back on Tumblr :)

Dude, your mix contains a song that I once had on mp3 (I'm yours), I lost it and I heard it on the radio and I just forgot the name, don't you hate it when that happens! Thanks a lot! :D