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V a c u u m .


"It's a story I heard somewhere long ago— the story of a man who was empty inside."
"Oswald, you are a dear friend to me. Gilbert and Vincent are my cute little friends whom I wish to protect— but I no longer remember if these feelings are sincere..."
"You see, I don't really know who I am anymore."
"Before I knew it— I started to hate Lacie."

A Jack Vessalius fanmix.

Tracklist: http://66.media.tumblr.com/0c413276d4dfeb490f69dc90d6adb951/tumblr_ng7o6gTUtt1s5qbdxo2_500.png

11 tracks
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omg from which movie comes « seven devils » from ? i'm sure i've heard it but i don't know where, btw your playlist is amazing ♥

@violetteaway I'm sure it was used in the trailer for the second season of GOT, but I really don't know if it was used in other movies/TV series. Anyway, thank you, I'm glad you like this mix, ugh. ; w ;