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dangdut rediscovered


Indonesian dangdut songs covered by people on soundcloud. Some songs are not dangdut, though still can be considered as "alay", idk man. no offense. the covers are all nice ;)

  • Cinta Satu Malam (cover) by Kíla
  • Kucing Garong [ Cover ] by Jerson feat Wahyu " Afgan "
  • Goyang Dumang by [COVER] Cita Citata
  • Jeopardize by JEOPARDIZE
  • Cherybelle Cover by Berharap Kau Dilema
  • Trio Macan (SIMPLICITY Cover) by Iwak Peyek
  • Rhoma Irama (Cover) by Begadang
  • Kolam Susu by Koes Plus
  • Di Radio (covered by Angka Ganjil) by Gombloh
  • Heavy Rotation (acoustic cover JKT48) by OakTheory
  • I Heart You (Smash cover) by Fariz Maulana
  • cover by sakitnya tuh disini
  • Kopi Dangdut Cover ft. Dicky by Prima Garfa
  • Abg Tua Acoustic Cover Ft Samy&Tejan by rhesahafiz
  • Jablay Cover ( Galau Version ) by Onaventura
15 tracks
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