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here in the dark, I will lay down by your side.
I will stare at you in the shades of dark.
none of us making a sound,
but our bodies moving wanting to face each other.
your body is so close to mine, you are so close to me.
So in the shades of dark I stare,
I stare and wonder how god had created you.
I get closer hoping I would breathe you in,
I get closer hoping I'd memorize the details of you.
in the shades of dark I had discovered you more as if you are the universe.
Those are my thoughts as you breathe against the white pillow next to me,
every breath you take makes my heart shiver.
this is my face when you laugh and stare,
this is my face when you smile and breathe,
those are the songs I play in my head as you fall asleep.

I love you, pure soul.
always have always will.

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