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♕ I wanna be a Pretty, Pretty Disney Princess for the day! ♕


A classic mix of new and old Disney songs for those days when you're feeling nostalgic. You can never be too old for Disney. Songs included from the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Enchanted, Toy Story and more. This mix will continue to be updated when I find more songs. A couple acoustic covers by Darren Criss are included too. Let me know if you like the covers included or I can separate them to their own mix.

27 tracks
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Belle, Colors of the Winds, When Will My Life Begin, and I think Whole New World skip.
It's an amazing playlist but please fix so I can fully enjoy how amazing this playlist is. :)

Sample List of first 10 songs:

1. Part of Your World -- Little Mermaid
2. When She Loved Me -- Toy Story 2
3. Belle -- Beauty and the Beast
4. Colors of the Wind -- Pocahontas
5. A Whole New World -- Aladdin
6. That's How You Know -- Enchanted
7. Kiss The Girl -- Little Mermaid
8. When Will My Life Begin -- Tangled
9. Impossible -- Cinderella (Brandy & Whitney)
10. I Can Go the Distance -- Hercules