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Is this playlist safe for work?

in dreams...


A 16 track mix to relax and unwind to...

Soft lyrical songs first,
then instrumental pieces as you drift away

"So sleep, sugar, let your dreams flood in,
Like waves of sweet fire, you're safe within
Sleep, sweetie, let your floods come rushing in,
And carry you over to a new morning"

Includes Poets of the Fall, music by Chopin, and some film soundtracks

16 tracks
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It's a version by Greg Laswell, from the soundtrack to the film My Sister's Keeper or you can get it as a stand alone single on iTunes. Really happy how much you've enjoyed my playlists, thanks for all your lovely comments and feedback. Really appreciate it :)

beautiful mix, lots of f*cks (and variations of said f-word) in Wicked Games.
(Warning to those listening at work...)

apologies if the wicked games track was not to your liking, to me this is a mix for chilling to at bed time so didn't think that anyone would listen to it out loud in a strict work environment. So sorry. I do hope it didn't take from your enjoyment of the mix :)