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the reading list: prologue


Another mostly instrumental playlist to keep you company as you read, write or study.
53 tracks and 4 hours of music including Message to Bears, I Am Robot and Proud and Turin Brakes to hopefully help with focus and to keep you gently stimulated.

To anyone with exams good luck, to the rest ... happy reading!

52 tracks
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Aw thank you for your lovely comment. I'm delighted that these songs helped you through all that work. Hopefully you'll get great results too. Best of luck with all your future studies and thanks again for your feedback :)

It's the third time I'm listening to your playlist this week. It's a great background music for reading, cooking or simply daydreaming while getting dressed and ready for a new day. Thank-you. ^_^

Oh wow that's a really nice thing to say. Thank you for such a lovely comment. I'm really happy that the playlist gave you such good feelings and that you enjoyed listening. You put a smile on my face :)

This is definitely not as distracting as other study mixes, so thank you. I've tried others but they tend to take my attention away from writing or reading. Also, thank you for the acoustics!

Whoop! Delighted you think so. The tracks all worked for me during study so I'm glad they are good for you too. Best of luck with all the study :)

Oh wow what a really great track to use! Awesome idea. Congratulations and the best of luck on the big day. And wishing you a lifetime of happiness together after. Thanks for the comment, really glad you liked the mix :)