30 comments on the reading list: prologue by A little haze

Aw thank you for your lovely comment. I'm delighted that these songs helped you through all that work. Hopefully you'll get great results too. Best of luck with all your future studies and thanks again for your feedback :)

It's the third time I'm listening to your playlist this week. It's a great background music for reading, cooking or simply daydreaming while getting dressed and ready for a new day. Thank-you. ^_^

Oh wow that's a really nice thing to say. Thank you for such a lovely comment. I'm really happy that the playlist gave you such good feelings and that you enjoyed listening. You put a smile on my face :)

This is definitely not as distracting as other study mixes, so thank you. I've tried others but they tend to take my attention away from writing or reading. Also, thank you for the acoustics!

Whoop! Delighted you think so. The tracks all worked for me during study so I'm glad they are good for you too. Best of luck with all the study :)

Oh wow what a really great track to use! Awesome idea. Congratulations and the best of luck on the big day. And wishing you a lifetime of happiness together after. Thanks for the comment, really glad you liked the mix :)

Ahhhhhh!!!! I love him sooooooo much. Such awesome music.
Sorry to have some how missed your comment and am only replying now. It really is lovely whenever anyone takes the time to leave a little comment and I really appreciate it. Thanks for your lovely words :)

yay so nice to hear you loved it. I've no real method to how I discover new music. Since I was a kid I have always bought oodles of cds: sometimes I just take a chance on a new (to me) artist based on a review, maybe I hear a few songs on you tube or discover a new artist listening to someone else's 8tracks mix . But mostly these days my tunes come from my hefty iTunes addiction! Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment :)

Brilliant playlist! Really lovely to write to, or to study to, or to read to or to pretty much do anything to. And also to do nothing to. I'm getting carried away, but in any case... GREAT playlist, thanks so much for putting it together.

hahaha that's fantastic! So lovely to read such a nice comment, really happy to hear you've been enjoying listening to the songs :)

I love this playlist and the other playlists that you have created thank you so very much for the outstanding taste and flow. I am curious do you know where I can find a list of all the songs, I would like to have the playlist when I am not in data range in the mountains, desert, jungle.

aw thank you so much for your lovely comment. 8tracks doesn't provide the facility to post the track listing of each playlist so I'm sorry I can't help you there. All the songs are just tracks that I have collected over the years from various cds, downloads etc and the order of the songs is just my own preference so there isn't one place you could download/buy them all together. In the past when I've liked playlists on 8tracks I just screen shot the list after I've listened to them and then go look for my fav tracks from stores etc. Sorry I couldn't help you more but thank you so much for the comment. It's nice to know that my taste in music is shared :)

so glad it's helping pass the time indoors away from the rain. I hadn't thought of this list of songs as a rainy day mix but now you say it you're right :) Thanks so much for the comment :)