A Sky Drunk With Stars
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You don't have to be awake to cry.


Songs for when you're feeling broken, when a fictional character died but it feels like there's a hole in your heart, when someone has hurt you, when you just feel. Like letting it all out.

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YOU ARE WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!! I ALWAYS KNEW THERE WAS "MY" KIND OF MUSIC, IVE BEEN INTRODUCED TO MANY MANNNNNNNNY DIFFERENT TYPES OF MUSIC & SONGS, AND ALL HAD THINGS I LIKED & DISLIKED ABOUT THEM, SOME MORE THAN OTHERS, BUT IVE NEVER GOTTEN THIS CLOSE TO FINDING WHAT MY EARS ARE LOOKING FOR!!---> until now that is! (^o^) LOL ...I'm still new on here & haven't had a chance 2 explore yet,so idk if u can message me on here,or email?!?- anthonyjenntrousdale (at) gmail (dot) com .....but feel free to hmu with some new songs/artists to look in to if u have the urge 8-p Lmao =) thank u much!