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shall we play a game?


A brave new world, huh?

[Or, that mix where Q is a Computer and the Quartermaster, with an uncanny amount of sarcasm and questionable sense of self about him.]


Standard disclaimer!

[[SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE A STORY/DIRECT ME TO A STORY AROUND THIS IDEA PLEASE?? ? ? ?? ? I may have to write something for myself just for making this hah;;;;]]

Yes Sweet Talk is on there for his voice; I NEEDED IT OK

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Hi! I'm a fanfic writer (and a playlist maker), and I've had a similar idea to this for a while, although I've only just published the first chapter of the fic today. It's called Project Q on AO3, and I even used the same artwork for my playlist as you without knowing it (hope that's ok). You can read it here if you're interested: I really enjoyed this playlist, and I love the War Games reference. I have an ongoing thing in my fic where Q thinks it's funny to quote evil computers in pop culture (Joshua, HAL, GLaDOS, etc), and that's gonna be one of his lines :) Have a nice day!