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we will be (IV)


We will find illumination in unnatural light
You will travel a thousand miles without leaving my sight
We will find we never knew hatred ran so deep
Such a wide, wide chasm of faith to leap
But we will be as one god
And we will be as one people

Once, long ago, a city came alive. Abandoned by all but her most devoted, she was thought to be lost for all time. These are her songs.

A mix for Atlantis, the sentient city of http://archiveofourown.org/series/11336. Part 4, for uploading reasons.

17 tracks
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Gah! I have liked these playlists but I forgot entirely to drop you some love! These playlists got me through the entirety of my finals last fall and have often been my favorite to listen to while going to sleep. I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to this (actually I can it's like 40 plus times). But yes! I love these for the music and that they are /Atlantis/ I have only read a couple of parts of your Ancient!John verse because I still am working my way through SGA but I have enjoyed the writing as well as the music!