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my hella sweet jamz


um yes
featured are some of my jams and songs that mean stuff to me

  • Wind Waker Miniboss Theme Dubstep Remix by dj-Jo Archives
  • Addicted by Bliss N Eso
  • Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros by Flight of the Conchords feat. Rhymenoceros and The Hiphopopotamus
  • Girl Anachronism by The Dresden Dolls
  • All My Loving (The Beatles cover) by The Cohens
  • "You don't know me" Cover (Ben Folds, feat. Regina Spektor) by npmargarita
  • Teen Titans Theme (Japanese) by PUFFY
  • All I Want Is You by Justin Bieber
  • Everything Is Ending by Chameleon Circuit
  • K2G Teen Titans puffy by kaalay manik
  • Twin Peaks sountrack by Just You (Angelo Badalamenti)
  • Good Little Girl (Rebecca Sugar Demo) by noitosfera
  • 03 Cardinal Knowledge by Kíla
13 tracks
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