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Love or chains and things we can't untie


"I'm not looking for another as I wander in my time,
Walk me to the corner, our steps will always rhyme
You know my love goes with you as your love stays with me,
It's just the way it changes, like the shoreline and the sea."

Eclectic, yes. Songs that have been on my mind of late. Songs about love and longing that resonate. Includes stuff by Cohen, Tom Waits, Jeff Buckley and Jefferson Airplane

8 tracks
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this is a beautiful collection. also i noticed the tom waits is from an album called "the early years" - he has a lot less gravel in his voice :)

thanks :) was mildly obsessed with all these songs a few weeks ago. and yeah, listen to gun street girl. less gravel, but very awesome.

So I heard it all and eclectic is the word for it. The artist and the tone of each song is pretty distinctive but it all meshes together and the way each song builds up on the one that came before, the effect is like a sock-in-the-gut. Especially when Johnny Cash came on. And the way it's bookended with Leonard Cohen - that was a stroke of, well yes, magic mix-making genius, I'll say! Thank you for this, Riddhi. Now I'll sit looking out the window at the gibbous moon, crank up my iPod, and sigh moodily for a while.

Cohen is The man. this mix was prompted by sudden spate of cohen obsession only, triggered by those two songs. and those lines from Marianne just blow me away- I used to think I was some kind of Gypsy boy, Before I let you take me home. Saps are the best, man. Embrace it =P

I saw that you added that to your quotations, and I get how it would appeal to you - gypsy and all :) I've been listening to The Essential Leonard Cohen all morning, this mix has definitely had the effect of reawakening my old obsession with Cohen that started up with Everybody Knows about five years ago and yes, still going strong, though it is kind enough to ebb occasionally :D

You picked In Between Love! I love that song! Aww I've turned into a big puffy marshmallow dripping with syrup listening to this mix. And I'm not even half-way through it yet. I'm hoping you won't mind my stream-of-consciousnessy comments but I can't help it. This music is oh-so-good for the sap in me. *sighs deeply*

Riddhi, you've got all my favourites here! I just started off listening to So Long, Marianne, and I'm completely in love with this mix. How can one ppss resist it when it promises Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen AND Tom Waits? :) Have you heard Waits' new album Bad as Me? Okay, I'm gonna listen to the rest of this and write a proper comment. I couldn't resist commenting right now I was so excited to read the description. Oh, and where's the title from? I love it near as much as the actual songs! *love*

Arre I haven't. Will check it out after finals. Waits has been new obsession courtesy boyfriend and further fanning of the flame by friends with excellent taste in music. I'm glad you figured out the title on your own. Pablo was the way I stumbled upon you in the first place :)

And so glad you did too! :) That was way back when I was obsessively reading Twenty Poems of Love to myself every night and saving A Song of Despair for later :D And I have a confession about Waits - I actually like his voice now better than his voice then when it's the opposite with Bob Dylan! And yay to boyfriend and friends with fabulous taste in music and I hope more mixes like this come my way. :) Once again *so much love*

heh. Exactly four, actually. And Andalucia Neelu reco'd to me after intro'ing me to Velvet Underground.
Cohen is all my own obsession though.