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and she fell

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This is an amazing Shiki mix, thank you so much for putting it together! Sadly 8tracks is only playing 6 songs out of the whole playlist, is there any chance you could share the tracklist at least, to know what other songs were in it? :(

@rainpuddles I'm so sorry this took so long!! (My computer broke and I just never checked on here after the fact) The playlist is Remain Nameless by florence + the machine, Light from Darkness by City of the Fallen, From "Aurora" by Why She Swallows Bullets And Stones, Happy by Mother Mother, Castle Down by Emilie Autumn, Desolation by Akira Senju, Innocence by Avril Lavigne, Siren Song by Bat for Lashes, I Believe by Kokia, The Lonely by Christina Perri, Lights by Ellie Golding and finally ARIA by Kalafina. Again, sorry this took so long :(