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5 comments on Sunset

just drove back from the farm.. need to slow down on my driving someday... saw the sunset through my rear view mirror, so beautiful. and the mountains... :) thank you so much for these tracks davinci girl;)

I am smiling now thinking of how different my 'Sun or Moon... Rain or Shine... Rock and Roll' playlist is from this one!! :) Let me know if you get through it what you think. Nice to hear from you!

Listening to this after a long stressful day. Had much work to do still and so this has been playing as the sun went down. Beautiful instrumentals most of them new to me. And as the songs play on suddenly the recognizable melody of 'Palhaço' made me smile. This song I first heard from @raquelrita and I know what it means to her and so that was a pleasant surprise. I would not have created a playlist like this for myself but it has helped to lower my stress as I work into the night. Thank you for sharing this.