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wildernessy (the sequel)

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This is absolutly amazing!! I love these kinds of songs and I havent heard any of these before which is very refreshing. Check out my Folktastic playlist-- I think you might like it :)

hey, ive listen to both of you wildernessy playlist; which i found pretty good I must say. I've just been getting into indie/folk music and love the atmosphere it gives off. I was wondering if I you could give me a list of all your music or something. I know it may be a lot to ask for but i hope you do.
another music enthusiast.

@900035327 hey! I'm glad you're getting into the magical world of indie folk, it's definitely my favorite. unfortunately though i don't really have a huge music library, i get a lot of my music from sound cloud. but you should check out my collection called folktastic, which has all of my indie folk playlists in it. maybe you'll find some new stuff you like.