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I only hope that I won't disappoint you❣


A Joseb fanmix. (´⌣`ʃƪ) Contains songs both for the aftermath of TEW and for pre-TEW. (Mostly Joseph pining after Sebastian, tbh)

Check the annotations for the POVs!

Credit for cover image: http://ravenbreath.tumblr.com/post/101165893766/the-evil-within-joseb-my-screencaps-i-cant

Two of the songs were derived from this wonderful Joseb fanmix, which is my favorite: https://8tracks.com/kinokoyura/in-the-shallows

13 tracks
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huA the link worked this time~~~ Ok so I listened to this twice (once with headphones), and I really like this mix. Not just as a joseb mix, but a general good tracklist. Fits morning times sososooo well (maybe im saying this bc its 8-9 am here ww) 'You know what I mean' has this typical 'last song played at a 40/60 singles club' vibe, and first i thought it was to cute-sy, but then again, this kind of fits?? Envisiong Joseph and Sebastian dance to this is fucking nice. I'm not a huge fan of the Pistols, but I saw your tweet about 'staring at the ring around your finger', so I obviously get why it has to be here uvu

@Fish-wifey aHHHH im glad u liked it so much ;___; YEAH SAME i really liked 'you know what i mean' on the other joseb fanmix, one of the songs i borrowed, and i thought it sounded so nice and it seemed really cute while still fitting them!! SAME i was actually picturing joseph and seb slow dancing to claire de lune huhuhu awww i had no idea you disliked the police!! but yeah i felt that song felt really well into the whole unrequited love thing!! thanks so much sweetheart hhhhh your support is always appreciated. (also im pleasantly surprised you like joseb to begin with? i had no idea u knew tew omg)