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two kids withouth their jackets

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Ikr, Lip really seems to pull off this cool, British boy with a fag in his mouth. He should do a movie like that, or a TV show

Hi ! This comment kinda applies to all you mix, but I'm going to post it one this one, because it's the last one : I love how you can go to Angel Haze (that I only knew by her collab with Mary Lambert on Ribcage, and I'm glad to have heard more of her...) to Damien Rice, and still everything goes well together, it has a logic that I do envy ... And what to say ? Lip and Mandy, yeah !

@abethclaire You're welcome ! Your Shameless mixes are so good and you also make me discover a lot of stuffs, so i's normal to thank you ! (that was so non-english, sorry)