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Is it truly such a surprise...


A mix following the emotional roller-coaster of John and Mary's life together. Love, happiness, betrayal, redemption, it's all here.

Make what you will of this mix, it's my first one.
Like it, Share it, whatever.
Any suggestions? Please feel free to comment.
Hope you enjoy!

17 tracks
1 comment on Is it truly such a surprise...

omg today i just finished sherlock season three and i'm crying because john/mary is my favorite right now and this was a perfect mix. THANK YOU!

I honestly never thought people would listen to this! It was just a whim of mine, really.
But thank you soooooo much for liking it!

Personally, I mean, I know they are canon, so there isn't really anything left to the imagination, but John/Mary, JAM, whatever they are calling it, are definitely my favorite ship, too!