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A Hypothetical Playlist For David Lynch's Next Film


Bleak and often times hauntingly arresting, the films of David Lynch probe the darkest corners of human existence and behavior by weaving through story-lines populated by quirky characters, seemingly exotic locations, and twisted realities. Here are 14 tunes that could hypothetically be seen on one of his soundtracks. 14 surreal songs with just a hint of sparkle, including music by Andrew Bird, Iggy Pop and Talking Heads.

12 tracks
6 comments on A Hypothetical Playlist For David Lynch's Next Film

honestly, i don't know what exactly you could use w/o going to badalemente, which I know you don't want to use.... it will have to be a search. perhaps lichens? or some old avante garde stuff? maybe search thru some dark ambient artist like lustmord? it will be fun quest, if you choose to accept it.

sweet! thanks for the input! honestly
what would you suggest for music to capture that deep psychological dread? that's also the one thing i kinda knew i fell flat on...maybe I can make an amendment or two

this is a very cool mix, but as a huuuge lynch fan, I'd have to say its missing something. you got the cooky, you got the americana, but what you don't have is foreboding and deep psychological dread which is a huge element in the music of his films. anyway, that's my 2 cents. great idea, cool mix.

I have to say, this would be an easy mix to fail at living up to the goal. but you you know, so far so good. I'm really impressed.