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A (Tweaked) Hypothetical Playlist For David Lynch's Next Film


A long while ago, I came up with a hypothetical soundtrack to a potential work by David Lynch. I wanted the playlist to mirror the dark, nonlinear, and often disturbing fantasies that Mr. Lynch captures on film. However, there were definitely gaps and a revising was in order. With a little nudge from @dj_dim-mak and many moons later, I finally accepted his challenge. Hopefully, with just as much respect as before, I've accomplished what I have set out to do.
Miles Davis
Silver Apples

12 tracks
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Quick note: This is the eighth of 20 mixes I'm re-releasing. I decided to keep a few pieces, but overall, this one's been re-transformed. Again, big thanks to @dj_dim-mak...I know its been a little while since I said I'd do it, but challenge accepted and you were definitely right -- this was a fun one to rexplore