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ablank's favorite songs of 2013


for my last mix of the year, i've gone ahead and compiled a mixtape of my favorite songs from the last 12 months, which was no easy feat. in fact, this playlist has over 30 songs and i know i'm missing out on a bunch of other great tunes that are deserving of recognition.

that said, the tunes making this list are the tunes i knew i wanted to represent the best of this year. from shoegaze to electronic to hip hop to garage to acoustic to experimental, here are my favorites of 2013.

- ablank

31 tracks
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Bunch of gems that I missed this year. excellent mix with an excellent flow. Well done. Dr. Blank. Be coming back for the rest a little later.

thanks for dropping by and take your time! i've had a personal emergency of sorts and haven't been able to check out yours but i cant wait to do so!

hope everything works out well for you!

I came back to finish off the mix today and continued to love it. :)

top 25 albums of the year

25. the national - trouble will find me
24. american war - symptoms
23. phosphorescent - muchacho
22. eleanor murray - bury me into the mtn
21. moby - innocents
20. mark kozelek & jimmy lavalle - perils from the sea
19. sally shapiro - somewhere else
18. emancipator - dusk to dawn
17. ghostpoet - some say i so i say light
16. boards of canada - tomorrow's harvest
15. forest swords - engravings
14. julia holter - loud city song
13. neko case - the worse things get, the harder i fight, the harder i fight, the more i love you
12. chvrches - the bones of what you believe
11. thundercat - apocalypse
10. mark kozelek & desertshore - mark kozelek, desertshore
9. kris menace - the entirety of matter
8. oddisee - the beauty in all
7. daft punk - random access memories
6. no joy - wait to pleasure
5. scout niblett - it's up to emma
4. julianna barwick - nepenthe
3. wooden wand - blood oaths of the new blues
2. mazzy star - seasons of your day
1. my bloody valentine - m b v
2013 was certainly a year where many heavyweights of the music world came back after prolonged, even seemingly interminable sabbaticals. some dusted off the cobwebs, stating to the world that sometimes the batteries need to be recharged a little longer in order to burn brighter than ever, while others merely extended their middle fingers as if to say 'i'm not dead yet, motherfuckers'. mazzy star, for instance, put out their first album since 1996, picking up right where they left off. suede punched back with their first in eleven years, and, while david bowie surprised the world with his first since 2003's reality, the next day has been considered to be his finest effort since scary monsters, which was released all the way back in 1980. even the kitchens of distinction got in on the fun!

that said, no band has quite frustrated and taunted the world with its nonproductive stasis like my bloody valentine. when loveless was released back in 1991, it became the recorded definition of an entire genre, cementing the shoegazer genre as something more than a transient phenomenon of little consequence. loveless was shoegaze's pet sounds, its sgt. pepper's. i know i'm only repeating what decades worth of written material has already analyzed in exhaustive, comprehensive detail about loveless, but it's the truth as this album was that important to a genre still looking for a torchbearer and a reason to be taken seriously. so loveless filled the void, but no one expected my bloody valentine to leave their own work so uncontested.

the years following loveless was a discombobulated period for kevin shields and company, starting with an acrimonious split from creation records. additionally, two members of the band called it quits a few years after loveless's release (one went on to team up with mazzy star's own hope sandoval to form hope sandoval and the warm inventions). by 1997, even with the groundwork prepared for a third album, shields found himself as the sole member of what used to be shoegaze's most innovative unit. however, persistent rumors of a new album were always never far from any discussions concerning the band and the endless speculation was only fueled by shield's vague, noncommittal assurances that something would be put out soon. even though the band reunited in the mid-late 2000s, weeks turned to months and months to years, only strengthening the ardent cries for new recorded material. finally, if we fast-forward to early 2013, i remember watching footage on a recent gig at the time in which shields fields a question from an audience member on the e.t.a. of the new album, to which he replies 'might be in a one or two days'. i rolled my eyes so hard, thinking 'ok, 2014 it is then.' nope! six days later (shields's most accurate approximation to date) the world suddenly found itself with my bloody valentine's long awaited third album on its hands, and my, oh my was it a doozy of a record.

let's get one thing straight, though, before i go on any further - it's no loveless and it wasn't supposed to be. managing expectations was key as taking it as its own stand alone entity was half the battle in recognizing it as a worthy my bloody valentine product. everything about its visual design, from the typically nondescript cover to the lower case lettering, says 'hey, it's been 21 years, nice to see you again. this is who we are still. this isn't loveless and it's not supposed to be, but let's do this and have fun exploring together, k? - luv mbv'. at the same time, m b v houses all that we've come to love and can expect from the patron saints of shoegaze. the warped soundscapes, the smudged drones, and the intoxicating warm haze of smeared, formless vocals still sound as fresh as they are familiar. m b v is exactly what my bloody valentine does best and it's more than enough to make it best of the year 2013.

tl;dr: this should come as no surprise