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An American Funeral

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I was thinking to myself sun kil moon sounds like a sinister version of red house painters. Then I did some research and found out that's exactly what they are. This is a great concept & mix! Excellent work!

Yeah!! It's the same guy and he's been doing some great stuff as Sun Kil Moon. Actually, earlier this year, assuming his real name of Mark Kozelek, he came out with an album with Jimmy LaValle of the Album Leaf and it's fantastic!

And thank's for the listen! :) I like how it turned out and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Try as I might, I still can't stomach Springsteen. Everything else on this mix, however, is absolutely perfect in my opinion.
Do you know the name of that Kozelek / LaValle project? I'm intrigued.

What, no love for the Boss? haha, I'm not as blindly in love with his music as I was years ago, but I'll give him a spin every now and then. I can def understand, though.

And cool! It's pretty good - maybe not the crown jewel of 2013, but one that's worth taking a listen to.

Now it's my turn to blow up the comments feed -- just wanted to say that collab sounds really cool, thanks for the heads-up about it! [Oh and of course, cheers to another great mix ;) ]