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dude! I just noticed... 800 mixes! good lord man, take a breather! I think that might be the most mixes of any dj on the whole site!

Hahaha thanks! Yeah, I had this bet/competition with myself to see if I could do 1000 in 1000, but that may not happen if grad school keeps on keeping on like that haha...I may just take that breather :)

time to start getting ready for season 3. and start tearing thru some GoT mixes I had put aside for the new season.

I. cannot. wait. Book III was my favorite of the series, hands down. I can't wait to see what they do with it.

book 3 is my absolute favorite too. did you hear they are splitting it into two seasons so they can fit as much as possible in? my guess is that the red wedding will be the 3rd season finale. I can't wait for the deanerys parts, especially! book 3 is when I really fell in love her character.