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Feeling Yourself Disintegrate


Got the feeling I can't move without sliding
I'm a thousand miles behind
With a million more to climb
So it's you I hope survives without fighting

It's just a dream,
You won't get lost
Just get down...in the night

The Flaming Lips
Tame Impala
Youth Lagoon

10 tracks
4 comments on Feeling Yourself Disintegrate

Dude I think it might by favorite of theirs! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside
And, damn, I actually hadn't thought about it, but youre absolutely right about the profile pic trend I've got going on now that I think about it! I just suppose I'm also in the right place at the right time....it also doesn't hurt that the vast majority of my classmates are of the opposite sex haha

thank you so much, sir, i'm happy to host you anytime! :)

Also, between the three of us in that picture, there was enough alcohol coursing through our collective bloodstreams to have probably taken out a small rodent at the time that photo was taken haha