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Guiltiest Pleasures

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As you may or may not notice, this isn't one of my typical playlists. Usually, I like to make mixes where there's cohesive idea/sound behind the list, a natural flow or order, and not just a seemingly random set of tunes thrown together. However, the subject of guilty pleasures has come up for me a lot lately, and I felt like this would be a good topic to shed some light on. Basically, why do we feel like we have to like some artists, songs, movies, etc on a different level than other artists, songs, movies, etc. It's like we put an * by these said mediums, and, as a result, we like them on a different level. And I'm calling BS to that system. If you're going to like something, then go for it. Screw what other people, critics, or even what your own super-ego is telling you to do. Like something because you like it -- enjoy it to it's maximum potential. I found that if you try and sweep it under the rug or dismiss it, then you end up biasing yourself against something in this world that you enjoy, and, for me, that makes little sense. Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter. Now go and judge the hell out of me! I can take it! I think...