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self pity lying in wait


i'm such a memory
of what a man might be
but i don't mind

when nalda became punk
northern portrait
trembling blue stars

  • The First Picture Of You by Lotus Eaters
  • You Never Came by Laura Watling
  • When Nalda Became Punk by When Nalda Became Punk
    this is borderline plagiarism territory of where is my mind, but, hey, i like the tune anyway...
  • No Fun by Brave Irene
  • They Go Boom!!, "Candy". by gcustodiojr
  • BRITTLE STARS May by Pepito Grillo 3
  • Heirlooms by Very Truly Yours
  • The Young And Hopefuls by Northern Portrait
  • The Man Without Qualities, Part I by The Saturday People
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