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We All Need Someone To Bleed On


I wanna sleep for weeks like a dog at her feet
Even though I know it won't work out in the long run
So I burn down the wall, breathe my good shadow
Those arms I once knew, hold me like gold
I learn how to speak a defeated language
I fall in the street as I howl at the moon

The Smiths
Cat Power
LCD Soundsystem

10 tracks
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Quick note: This is the eleventh of 20 mixes I'm re-releasing. One of the unintended side-effects of making several hundred mixes is that many of the earlier ones get lost in the shuffle. That's why I'm bringing back a few mixtapes that I think should be revisited and re-imagined a little as well. This one, originally titled Bleed On Me, was definitely worth the re-release. However, unlike the most of this particular group of mixtapes, I made no changes to the playlist. Hope you enjoy and, as always, feel free to let me know what you think.