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we are no longer

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father murphy
ninth moon black

  • Until the path is no longer by Father Murphy
  • Satya Yuga by Ninth Moon Black
  • Halves by Svarte Greiner
  • New Dawn Fades by The Sight Below
  • Black Tar Prophecy by Grails
  • El Rio Al Amanecer by Montibus Communitas
  • Return to the city by woob
  • 01 by Gabriel Saloman
  • Low Field by Various Artists
9 tracks
5 comments on we are no longer

one of my very fav 8tracks mixes! great choices n flow! thanks for introing me to artists i need to check out

aw, thanks! you know, it is lovely stuff - ominous, yes, but there's a lot of beauty in these pieces even if they are dark

ugh, i have no idea - i hit the spam button to get rid of the message, but, like the heads of the Hydra, out sprout two more in its place