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Welcome To The 314

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No I don't actually -- I'm checking this out as we speak -- as much as I try and keep up on the music scene, there is still so much that I know that I don't know! One step at a time -- I'm giving it a spin!

you know what really changed is Washington Ave, warehouse district. I used to go clubbing there in the mid 90s. (the Other World, the Galaxy, etc) it was all gritty and fairly underground. then they really gentrified but there were still some night clubs. and now there is zero nightlife there. but the city museum is damn cool.

Ooof -- I guess that transformation was a bit before my time since I've never been down there to hang out at all, though youre absolutely right that the City Museum is damn cool -- one of my favorite parts of the city by far. And hell yeah -- you can find me on fb (https://www.facebook.com/andrew.blank.739) or last.fm (http://www.last.fm/user/Bluenote312) Im a bit more active on FB but its all up to you!

yeah, i usually make it back once a year. my family is still there, and HS and college friends (I went to Webster U). its funny how much has changed and how little has changed at the same time.

Oh absolutely -- I went to Webster Groves High, so I know precisely what you mean. WG has a few new restaurants and boutiques, but, overall, the town is still the same, with the same "traditions" (read: the Turkey Day game). The exact same can be said for the rest of the city which is maybe why I feel such strong nostalgia for the area. Each of the different neigborhoods and municipalities all have their own distinct cultures and personalities -- Tower Grove, Clayton, WG, Afton, etc and as much as the scenery may change from year to year, the atmosphere of the city has not changed one bit!