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Winter Is Coming

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1. Winterfell/The Old Gods
2. Direwolves
3. Caitlyn's Grief/Jon's Departure
4. Bran's Dream
5. Eddard's Investigation/ Trusting me was your biggest mistake
6. Arya's Theme
7. Sun and Light, Moon and Stars
8. Mountain Raiders
9. Jaime's Ambush
10. Eddard and Cercei
11. Unseating the King/ Littlefinger's Betrayal
12. Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords
13. The Walking Dead
14. Eddard's Imprisonment
15. Ambushing Jaime
16. Life for life
17. Price of Treason
18. Crypts of Winterfell/ We need a stonecarver who knew his likeness well...
19. Sansa's Grief
20. The King In The North
21. The Music of Dragons