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l'heure bleue


All it takes is that brief moment of reflection, a glance around at those gathered at the rickety cafe table. An empty espresso cup dangles from her fingertips as she tilts her head back in laughter. Her dark eyes flicker over to meet yours, and a smile plays on those lips. With a grin you look away and pulling a drag of your cigarette. Exhale. A glance up at the sky reveals the white smoke swirling up through the air making patterns against the deep blue light of dusk. And so summer continues.

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t is not dusk where I am. The sun rose about three hours ago. I'm not in a cafe, nor am I having espresso. There's a mug of coffee beside the screen of my computer. The wind is threatening to begin its incessant howling again, and the sun is quickly disappearing behind the gray clouds. Summer has ended in this part of the world months ago. Your playlist still fits, though. It's that kind of day.