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so it goes

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i like that you like the national:) thank you very much for this mix (and all the others as well..............) this music really makes my soul smile!!

My day started off inspirational (sup design school), and then I was seriously bummed out? why? no clue. This playlist made me so happy. Arcade fire, Sigur Ros, ELLIOTT SMITH (The best thing to grace the planet...) and Ben Gibbard (2nd best), I love you. just gets better.

Great Mix! A lot of my favorite tunes are here. PS if my name weren't based on a Bradbury novel then it would def be Kilgor Trout :) Love the Vonnegut reference

I love every one of your playlists that I've listened to, and I give you even more props for the Kurt Vonnegut jr reference in the icon, seeing as he's my favorite author.
Without having met you, I'm fairly certain that you are an awesome human being. Keep it up.

it is uncanny how identical our tastes are. this plays like a list of my all-time favorites. thank you so much, and hope you had the happiest of birthdays!