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yo, focus


a curated group of youtube-sourced undertale ost remixes and orchestral arrangements (and more!!!)

primarily instrumental, with the exception of one track
majorly orchestral, with the exception of a rare few
certainly enjoyable, for chilling and studying purposes both

(there's also some slight influence from the homestuck bandcamp too, sooooo)

UPDATE 05/28/2016:
I took off one track because after several listens, I felt like it didn't fit anymore. So, I added 7 new orchestral Undertale tracks that are also quite sublime~ Due to this addition, the playlist order changed to give this playlist some kind of flow, lmao. Let me know what you think of the playlist! I'd love to hear which one's your favorite track~

23 tracks
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@merthurs : Awww!!! Thank you, I'm so glad that people are still listening to this playlist even though I haven't really seen too much Undertale-related stuff myself for a long while. We have Toby Fox to thank for the conception of Undertale and its amazing tracks, and for inspiring so many of its fans to create their own musical renditions. ❤️ Thank you for listening to my playlist though!!! I only just chose the tracks and put them in a good-ish order

@DarkAmethyst: I'm so sorry for not seeing your comment until now, 8tracks didn't notify me in the app, which is weird, lol. Supernatural is a good show! I haven't been really keeping up with it since Season 7 due to college, but Supernatural is cool. Do you watch American Horror Story? That sounds right up your alley too, but I haven't seen it personally.

@nighttimelights: I just came back from work, and I am so touched!!! I heavily scrutinized all of these tracks and I'm so glad that my playlist delighted your ears as much as they do to mine. ❤️ All of the credit goes to the lovely peeps who created the tracks ultimately! ;w; Anyways, keep on keeping on, and I really hope that you feel better! I'm just glad I could help in some fashion ;w; )/

I listen to what is probably an excessive number of Undertale mixes, and I just want to say that yours is seriously one of my top favorites.

Seriously, I've been working from home due to an illness for the past couple days and I keep coming back everytime the time limit is up to listen again - thank you so much for putting together such a stellar playlist!