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it's hard to summarize these two, with all of the variances of their interactions. Being rowdy and wrestling, sitting on the roof and talking. There is a lot, of different kinds of compatibility.

I wanted to mostly find the surprisingly positive, peaceful energy, and have some songs representing Ichi's pace and other's closer to Jyushi's pace. And some a tandem, or some that 'meet' and 'combine' to a thing...?! Some, just an easy calm sound. I hope the variety comes through; no one track is meant to be representative.

Anything with words wouldn't fit these two for me, so it's strictly instrumental.

I want the feeling to be warm but occasionally hectic, wild, maybe, or dreary. Augh it's cheesy.

9 tracks
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ah... 'I'm 9 today' really hit me hard in a good way. this is an incredibly pleasant mix for an incredibly pleasant relationship, and instrumental mixes are my favourite (words aren't good for feelings)

@kerezteny OH x''''''l a comment. I'm so happy. Thank you! For lyrical playlists, it's hard to find a song whose lyrics + pace + atmosphere fit, and not just one or the other, and I hate compromising pace/tone for lyrics & vice versa... so I like instrumental too. I'm really glad for you to say it's pleasant and suits them x''''l