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a playlist for when you marry and settle down and have kids but your bf is still out there doing shady things for the secret society that raised you and then you go to his funeral but actually he's still alive


a playlist for when your bf and gf marry each other and try to leave their past behind but you're still on the run for crimes you have and haven't done and you can't be part of their lives anymore without endangering them


11 tracks
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Thank you for this SMASHING playlist. And the picture is perfect, is it weird to say that Bertrand here looks like Sunny? I could see Violet and Klaus getting their dark hair from Beatrice, and then Sunny having her dad's light hair. :)

the BEST of the OT3s (and 'lemon boy' made me giggle, I kept having visions of wes anderson-esque scenes with B. and L. scurrying about performing questionable VFD missions, hehe).

@angrygreedycapricorn Thank youu! I think that was the song that inspired me to make this whole playlist, because I couldn't NOT think of Lemony while listening to it.