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Nothing Musical To Do

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For Part two when you make it, and depending on how the vlog ends, PLEASE consider using "Small Umbrella in the Rain" from Little Women. I listened to it and thought it was perfect for Ben and Bea

PS I can see the characters singing certain songs. Particularly: There's a Fine, fine line, I Won't Say I'm In Love, Sixteen Going On Seventeen, What Do I Need with Love & You Don't Need to Love Me

@cdoodles92 Fun fact for you: Small Umbrella in the Rain was actually on this playlist when I originally published it! I took it out because I realized we hadn't gotten a scene yet that corresponded and I really wanted to use You Dont Need to Love Me for Ben in Words instead. Small Umbrella will definitely be making an appearance on Part 2 if possible!

@cdoodles92 Also, thank you! I'm glad you liked the playlist and thought those songs were so in character! The songs you listed are some of my favorite choices I made, I had a lot of fun finding songs that felt right for each character and plot point. Hope part 2 turns out well! I'm already on the lookout for more songs, found a great one for "Brothers" already. :)

@Moondrops_burst I guess a childhood of being terrified of the evil animated pipe organ that sings the song has finally paid off, haha. It was the first thing I thought of for Ben and Claudio, even though it had been ages since I'd heard it, and it ended up working better than I thought. I'm glad you liked it!