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Accordions Are Awesome!

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Accordion jams from all over the world! You may not have ever thought accordions were "hip", but maybe this will give you a whole new appreciation for the instrument!

  • O Vôo da Mosca by Chico Chagas Accordion
  • Horse with no shoes by Cajun Roosters
  • Kosovsko pomoravlje by "Old Serbian sounds"
  • Little Boat by Eugene Bozzetti Jazz Trio
  • Romano's Bossa (dedicated for my teacher Romando Viazzani) by Chico Chagas Accordion
  • 02 Mo' Mojo Zydeco by Mo' Mojo
  • Mao na Urtiga by Dona Zaira e Hermeto Pascoal
  • Эх, сез матур кызлар by Группа "Шурале" и Иделия
  • Free and Easy by echo-3
  • In a Silent Way by Volco & Gignoli
  • Zydeco Hee Haw by Johan Rudenhed
  • 03 Baladi Accordion by ADEL MOURSI
  • Crawfish Waltz by Cajun Roosters
  • "Circles of Five" A weave of piano,violin,Irish flute,ac. guitar, and accordion: by DEM
  • Try Again by Chico Chagas Accordion
  • Егетляр by Группа "Шурале"
  • Zydeco Funk by Sweet_Angel
  • Libertango by Vincent Accordion
  • Hermetiando (For Hermeto) by Chico Chagas Accordion
  • TANGO OF ROSES by John Accordion
  • Accordion classical emotions by Patrick Brugalières
  • dimitrovgrad by Old Serbian Sounds
  • Oblivion by Eugene Bozzetti Jazz Trio
  • Arrigo Tomasi: It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (Jazz Accordion Songbook) by Arrigo Tomasi
  • Zydeco Sont Pas Sale by Hubcityallstars
  • Bacon and eggs polka av Erik Öst by beltuna-accordion
  • Solo Accordion by Lucifer's Toys
  • Алмагачлары by Группа "Шурале"
  • Sarath Giri by Accordion Dreams
  • Accordion Medley by Phuong Nguyen
  • 01 Subindo A Serra, Descendo A Serra by Chico Chagas Accordion
  • Nenjukkule Accordion by Kadal BGM
  • Polka No. 1 for Accordion in C minor by Steven O’Brien
  • Solo Accordion by Acideon
  • Piano and Accordion Duets Medley by MPDuoMusic
  • Sonata for Accordion m2 by sbb71791
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