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Bodacious Balkan Mix #2: More Bulgarian Dreams!


Bulgarian folk music is known for "asymmetrical" rhythms, or "odd meters" e.g., 7/8, 9/8. 11/8, etc. Hungarian Composer Béla Bartók described the meters as "Bulgarian rhythms". To add to the sheer joy of these rhythms is the beautiful instrumentation: Gaida (Bagpipe), Kaval (rim-blown flute), Darbuka (Turkish drum), gadulka (fiddle), & tupan,(bass drum played w/ a mallet on one side and a cane switch on the other).. Enjoy MORE Bulgarian Dreams!!!

  • Калугеричко, момне ле by Костадин Михайлов
  • Мари Стано by Динка Русева
  • Bulgarian 1 by Macrocosmos Music
  • ERCAN AHATLI ® kiu4eci Mp3 by Kuchek CHERNO MORE 2015
  • Legend by The Bulgarian Voices Angelite Feat. Huun-Huur-Tu
  • Залюбила е Диляна by Верка Димитрова
  • Bulgarian/Romanian Music by Ildra
  • Събрали са се, събрали by Костадин Михайлов
  • Bulgarian Rhythm #1 by GrossMan Draper
  • Peter Bonev (Bulgarian Street Musician) by Fabio Orsi
  • Кючек "Брестак" by noko1kiuchek
  • Bulgarian Improv for 2 Guitars, composed and performed by Ken Karsh
  • Pilentse Pee by The London Bulgarian Choir
  • Bulgarian Requiem for piano, cello and bulgarian soprano and alto by Clelsonrl
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