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Canciones Tropical Mix #2: Alma Llanera

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In this second tropical mix of songs from the Spanish-speaking world, you will feel the soul of the plains. Listen to the dreamy sounds of the harp, jarana (8 string guitar) and percussion in this tasty mix from Venezuela, Colombia, and Vera Cruz, Mexico! Tequila with Lime - Por favor!!!

  • Instrumental al arpa by Alma Llanera
  • 08 EL TORITO JAROCHO by jimmytrony
  • Seleccion jarana by Manuel Donayre
  • La Bamba by Punto Latino
  • Candela by lossoneros
  • La Muerte Del Rucio Moro Reinaldo Armas by Reynaldo Armas
  • 01 EL BALAJU by jimmytrony
  • Boca Linda by lossoneros
  • Pajarillo y Chipola. Instrumental by user1042738
  • Con sabor jarocho by Dj Guaguis (Ali Gua Gua)
  • Sentimiento Apureño. Francisco Montoya by user1042738
  • 04 El Buen Alvaradeño by Franes Radio
  • Caballo Viejo by Simón Díaz
  • Concierto en la Llanura by user1042738
  • 05 - Jarocho Del Sur by Franes Radio
  • Mi recuerdo de veracruz by Gregorio Yalanda
  • Jarana peruana by Manuel Donayre
  • cimarron araucano by Mayra Tovar
  • El Jarabe Loco by Veracruz
19 tracks
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