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Corsica: Napoleon's Musical Isle! Vol. 1


Like its Mediterranean neighbor, Sardinia, Corsica is best known musically for its unique polyphonic choral tradition. They also have a great love for jazz and host an annual jazz festival. They continue to use ancient instruments including the bagpipes, jaw harps, shawms, and most notably the cettera, which has 8 double strings and dates back to the Renaissance. Napoleon Bonaparte was born here. Enjoy this special collection of Corsican music.

  • Altrimenti by Di U Populu
  • Chant corse by I Muvrini
  • BIRBANSCATBATTU (Jérôme Casalonga) by Jérôme Casalonga
  • 04 u mio fior di primavera by Jérôme Casalonga
  • U pratu by Roland Ferrandi
  • Corsica ti pregu salute by Jérôme Casalonga
  • Barbara Furtuna pour cetera by Ferrandi roland
  • Sumenta by L'Arcusgi
  • 2 Maganzia by Jérôme Casalonga
  • LAMENTU DI BRUSCU by Jérôme Casalonga
  • Lamentu di cursichella by Rouz o shab
  • Adasgiu (Polyphonies corses) by Barbara Furtuna
  • Tribbiera by Jérôme Casalonga
  • Golu by Ferrandi roland
  • I muvrini by I Muvrini
  • Furtunatu cetera Roland Ferrandi by Ferrandi roland
  • A filetta e daniele di bonenvatura by henriroche
  • Piste 12 by I Muvrini a strada
  • comme une Valse ajaccienne roland Ferrandi Guitare by Ferrandi roland
  • Ave Maria Corsa (En Corse) by Antoine Ciosi
  • A Ghittara by Diana di l'Alba
  • DVD Live In Citadella by A Filetta
  • Versi Di Tagliu by Jérôme Casalonga
  • Packington's galliard roland Ferrandi guitare by Ferrandi roland
  • Sentire Una Canzonetta by Ensemble Constantinople
  • Cetera by Ballata Pè una Rundinella roland Ferrandi
  • Barbara Furtuna by Asculta Lyon
  • Senti Figliolu by Diana Di L'alba
  • Dio vi salvi regina by moreloni
  • Canario & Colasione by Ensemble Constantinople
  • CREDO by Jérôme Casalonga
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Hi Gagk, you are SO welcome!!! I had a blast making this mix and I am so glad you enjoyed it! Please check out the Sardinia mix as well as everything else in my collection! Enjoy listening and have a beautiful weekend!!