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History of Rock & Roll Vol. 7: 1969!


At the end of the sixties, this incredibly exciting decade that started with a dance ended in the mud at Woodstock! During that rainy weekend, 32 acts performed for 400,000 people and was regarded as a pivotal moment in popular music history. Rolling Stone listed it as one of the 50 Moments That Changed the History of Rock and Roll. Woodstock is considered to be the definitive nexus for the counterculture generation. Enjoy 4 mind-blowing hours of 1969's best - rock & roll at its grooviest!!!!

55 tracks
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sick mixs man! i really appreciate the History of Rock and roll series, but there seems to be a gap between 1964 and 1969 of about 2 mixes? any chance of uploading them :) ?

@gil.kedar1 Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it and I'm glad you've been enjoying the mixes. You're right - there will be two more mixes soon! 1965-66 and 1967-68. My research put me a little out of order at one point because of the massive 1969 classics, so I concentrated on getting '69 out while compiling the prior volumes. Thanks again for your interest and in anticipating these two next volumes. It's my pleasure to bring them to you and the great 8Tracks community very soon! Hopefully this weekend! Cheers and have a great weekend!