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Jazz a la Mode


Modal jazz is jazz that uses musical modes rather than chord progressions as a harmonic framework and originated in the late 1950s,
epitomized by Miles's 1959 album "Kind of Blue" and John Coltrane's classic quartet from 1960–64. Alhough the term "modal" comes from
the use of the pitches of particular modes (or scales) in the creation of solos, modal jazz incorporates single chords that may last several measures, pedal points and drones, quartal harmonies or melodies, and polytonality. Enjoy these masters of modal music!

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I've been trying to explain modal jazz to my friends lately and they just don't get it, so this is a perfect educational tool!! and a very cleverly named mix to boot ;) thanks as always

@storygirl Thanks so much! That is awesome. I am very glad this mix can be used to illustrate your point! Many thanks and great to have you as a listener, I appreciate it!!