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Magnificent Mongolia!!!


This is a collection of great songs from Mongolia Central Asia, including "Uyghur" favorites and some amazing throat singing from Tuva! Throat singers from Tuva have a wide range and were the pioneers of six pitch harmonics. There are five basic styles: khoomei, sygyt, kargyraa, borbangnadyr and ezengileer. There are also some wonderful selections sung with great precision and no vibrato by Mongolian children. Hope you enjoy this collection!!!

21 tracks
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Amazing list, I have yet to listen to it all! It's so nice to listen to musicians from Mongolia. I first got interested in music from Tuva from watching the film Genghis Blues. Thanks for sharing! :)

Thanks and it's my pleasure to share this great music with our 8track community! I became familiar with Tuvan throat singing long ago, and had the great opportunity of seeing Huun-Huur-Tu live in the NY several times. It's one thing to hear it on record, but it's another to be in a tiny room in the first row sitting only a few feet away, then it becomes mind-blowing! One of the greatest nights I had with live music was in a church basement in the West Village watching Huun-Huur-Tu. Genghis Blues was a very interesting film and I was glad it gained popularity! Enjoy, and please check out my other mixes such as Soaring over the Silk Road Mix #1. Have a great day!